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13th February 2014

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Photography by fotovation. Shot in 2012.

Photography by fotovation. Shot in 2012.

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10th February 2014

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Rant time.

Apparently when I say I don’t like talking on the phone for more than 15-20 minutes to discuss shoot details, it means I am against the whole thing entirely. *facepalm* I’M NOT. PHONE CALLS ARE OKAY. But I hate it when photographers play 20 Questions or just want to talk about anything and everything for TF - for paid work, fine, ask all the questions you need. But sometimes I don’t feel chatty. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to work with you. It just means I don’t want to get all chitty-chatty with you.

I have a tiny bit of hearing difficulty, and I tend to forget some things discussed over the phone if I don’t get an email afterwards. I DO have a bit of ADD, but it doesn’t make me a total ditz.


18th January 2014

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Yesterday, in the span of about 12-24 hours, my Tumblr has never gotten so much love. Reblogs and likes, my activity feed exploded! I’ve never seen this much activity since I started my Tumblr.

Whatever it was, keep doing it. Share my blog. It’s always nice to get notifications.


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13th January 2014


My cat Munchkin sleeping on my chest.

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12th January 2014

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Topless foto Miley Cyrus gelekt | EnDanDit →

So Miley Cyrus went topless… And here come the small tit haters, telling her to get a training bra, and how they feel like they’re looking at a prepubescent girl’s chest.

Being small chested myself, but somewhat confident, that kind of comment still kinda leaves me a little annoyed. I love my itty bitties, but I find that it falls into body shaming nonetheless. Many moons ago when I was posting my work on deviantArt, I had people comment on my photos that my “mosquito bites” made me look like a 10-year old boy. My ex even said I’d look more feminine if I got a boob job a few years ago. That’s why he’s an ex, thank dog… What kind of shithead says things like that?

Haters are gonna hate, I guess… It just really bugs me. If you don’t have big boobs, you look like a kid. Such bullshit logic.

Edited to post link where I saw the bashing:


No thanks. If I want to see the tits of a 10 year old boy, I will head to the beach this summer!

I feel like a pedophile…isn’t she like 12? Someone get that bitch a training bra stat.

lol need more flesh„,feel like being cheated when its that small hahha

At first I thought it was the Biebs shitless

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11th January 2014

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My first time shooting more ‘glamour’ material… There will be more on Zivity soon! Hope you like these. :)

Photography by Ronhep.

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5th January 2014

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Shot in July 2010, after shaving my head bald for charity. Photo by Sebastien Forest.

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3rd January 2014

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Blast from the past. 2009 I believe. Enjoy. :)

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31st December 2013

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Set inspired by NIN&#8217;s CLOSER. Photography by Marisa Parisella.

Set inspired by NIN’s CLOSER. Photography by Marisa Parisella.

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31st December 2013

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Expect this site to be updated on a much more regular basis! <3