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13th February 2014

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Photography by fotovation. Shot in 2012.

Photography by fotovation. Shot in 2012.

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18th January 2014

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Yesterday, in the span of about 12-24 hours, my Tumblr has never gotten so much love. Reblogs and likes, my activity feed exploded! I’ve never seen this much activity since I started my Tumblr.

Whatever it was, keep doing it. Share my blog. It’s always nice to get notifications.


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13th January 2014


My cat Munchkin sleeping on my chest.

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12th January 2014

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Topless foto Miley Cyrus gelekt | EnDanDit →

So Miley Cyrus went topless… And here come the small tit haters, telling her to get a training bra, and how they feel like they’re looking at a prepubescent girl’s chest.

Being small chested myself, but somewhat confident, that kind of comment still kinda leaves me a little annoyed. I love my itty bitties, but I find that it falls into body shaming nonetheless. Many moons ago when I was posting my work on deviantArt, I had people comment on my photos that my “mosquito bites” made me look like a 10-year old boy. My ex even said I’d look more feminine if I got a boob job a few years ago. That’s why he’s an ex, thank dog… What kind of shithead says things like that?

Haters are gonna hate, I guess… It just really bugs me. If you don’t have big boobs, you look like a kid. Such bullshit logic.

Edited to post link where I saw the bashing:


No thanks. If I want to see the tits of a 10 year old boy, I will head to the beach this summer!

I feel like a pedophile…isn’t she like 12? Someone get that bitch a training bra stat.

lol need more flesh„,feel like being cheated when its that small hahha

At first I thought it was the Biebs shitless

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11th January 2014

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My first time shooting more ‘glamour’ material… There will be more on Zivity soon! Hope you like these. :)

Photography by Ronhep.

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5th January 2014

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Shot in July 2010, after shaving my head bald for charity. Photo by Sebastien Forest.

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3rd January 2014

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Blast from the past. 2009 I believe. Enjoy. :)

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31st December 2013

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Set inspired by NIN&#8217;s CLOSER. Photography by Marisa Parisella.

Set inspired by NIN’s CLOSER. Photography by Marisa Parisella.

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31st December 2013

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Expect this site to be updated on a much more regular basis! <3

31st July 2012

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A post about bullies on the MM fora made me think a lot.

From age 5 to 17, I have been bullied and harassed both physically and psychologically almost every day. I was quite the awkward, timid girl who was also very sensitive and didn’t make friends very easily. I was the perfect victim. I’ve heard every single insult under the sun. I’ve had big rocks thrown at me. I’ve been pushed in the hallways.

Often enough, you’ll hear people say, “stand up for yourself!”. Believe me, I’ve tried. When I responded to bullies, all that ever happened was the bullying getting worse. Be careful what you do, because it can be used against you, or so they say. I even got into trouble for defending myself and it was reported back as me starting it off. From that moment, I got very jaded. How could you not be? The bullies got away with so much and there was nothing I could do.

By the end of high school, it faded a little, but not completely gone. It obviously left some scars. I’ve had self-esteem issues for most of my life because of all of this. I had trouble trusting people because I was convinced they’d reject me or make fun of me down the road. It was only a few years ago that I started being more confident.

Modeling is one of the things that helped. But before that, I had to deal with my own demons. I was diagnosed with clinical depression and general anxiety disorder back in 2007. I’m still dealing with it, but it isn’t as serious as it used to be. One of the things that helped was a loving husband-to-be who always had my back no matter what.

I’ve come a long way.